Environmental assessment studies are born from the indispensable need, on the part of the administration, to protect the environment against human activity. In addition to the protection and improvement of the environment that Law 21 / 2013— of December 9, of environmental evaluation— promulgates, one of its principles that it establishes is who pollutes pays.

In order to comply with these principles, the Administration obliges, for the approval of any action (plans, programs or projects), to carry out an environmental evaluation in which the significant negative effects that they could have on the environment (the population, human health, flora, fauna, biodiversity, geodiversity, land, soil, air, water, climate, climate change, landscape, material goods, including cultural heritage, and interaction among all the factors mentioned), including strategic environmental assessment studies, in the case of plans and projects, and environmental impact studies, for specific projects.

NOTIO’s trajectory and resources, as well as its environmental commitment, is aimed at helping our clients to carry out their activity in an environmentally sustainable way. In this sense, NOTIO’s hydrology and environment group has the knowledge and adequate tools to prepare environmental assessment studies, including:

  • Analysis of actions (plans, programs or projects) and identification of potentially adverse activities for the environment.
  • Preparation of environmental inventories, including GIS analysis of thematic cartographic sources (vegetation, land use, heritage, etc.) and of protected areas (Red Natura, ENP, LIC, ZEPA, etc.).
  • Identification and assessment of impacts through GIS
  • Preparation and development of preventive, reducing and corrective measures plans.
  • Preparation of environmental assessment reports, including thematic mapping.