The report or expert opinion is a means of proof by which a person with specialized or technical knowledge (judicial expert) that the court does not have, and outside the process, contributes to the same so that the judge can better assess the nature of the elements or facts of evidence, without forgetting that the expert opinion must refer precisely to concepts, judgments and maximum experience of a specialized knowledge.

In NOTIO we make reports or expert opinions in the field of construction, architecture or real estate, suitable to the needs of the client. We make an expert technical report valid for a judicial process or extrajudicial cause for which an expert opinion is needed:

  • Reports to determine the origin of pathologies.
  • Expert opinions to define techniques and the economic cost to address the repair works of pathologies.
  • Expertise to determine technical or economic issues in contracts, budgets, invoices or certifications (breaches of projects and contracts).
  • Expert reports of unfinished works (audits of work items not executed or poorly executed).
  • Expert assessment to assess damages caused by claims (valuation of damages).
  • Expert report to prove the suitability of works.
  • Qualifications to check compliance with technical regulations.
  • Permit to determine descriptive or superficial issues of farms, lots or homes. Certificates of verification of real capacity and demarcation of land.
  • Expert reports for valuation of houses, buildings or land.
  • Expert reports of damage to owner communities.
  • Expert reports of damage assessment after the rental of real estate.