According to the Regulation of the Public Hydraulic Domain, articles 9, 78 and 126, any action (clearing, earthworks, construction, etc.) that is carried out 100 m from any public channel (Police Zone), must have the mandatory prior authorization of the corresponding basin body (Hydrographic Confederations). This authorization must be accompanied by a hydrological and hydraulic study in which the possible impact that said action could take place on the different limits in which the Public Hydraulic Domain is zoned (Public Hydraulic Domain itself, preferential flow zone and police zone), as well as the danger of its possible flooding.

In this sense, NOTIO’s hydrology and environment group has the knowledge and the appropriate tools to carry out this type of study, including:

  • Geostatistical studies of the rainfall in an area.
  • Determination of runoff thresholds through GIS analysis of different thematic cartographies (vegetation, type and land uses, slope map, etc.).
  • Creation of hydrographs and determination of maximum flood flows.
  • Precision digital modeling of riverbeds and their environment using drone and the ArcGis HEC-GeoRas tool.
  • Hydraulic analysis of channels and flooding studies of sites through numerical modeling.