NOTIO Association is constituted by a team of professionals specialized in consulting and development of R+D in several technology fields, which is able to help companies and other institutions to develop their activities through the innovation in their processes and products.

The NOTIO work team is constituted by professionals come from both research centers and process development departments with more of 15 years of experience in R+D+i projects and market input of results. R&D

Likewise, we collaborate with Universities, research centers and high-profile companies which provide reliability and accuracy to our studies and analyses. Our technical team guarantee permanent attention to our customers and partners, within a communicative and participatory relationship.

Our major work activities are focused on:

  • Development of materials and processes improvement.
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability.
  • Waste valorization.
  • Natural resource planning, mining and environmental.
  • Technological foresight.
  • Sustainable construction.
  • Cultural heritage.

NOTIO is also focused on R+D consultancy to companies and other institutions, with the aim of to help for growing through the innovation. NOTIO´s project development and management experience can help companies realize their innovation strategy. NOTIO can provide technical assistance or run the entire project.

In this manner, NOTIO participates together with his partners in preparation and management to funding R+D+i proposals along worldwide:

  • Regional and National calls.
  • European and International calls.
  • Managing of RDI projects.
  • Administrative and governmental liaisons.
  • Project tracking.

Agreements will be on a commercial-in-confidence bases. IPR will be the subject of agreement between the industry partner and other contractors/partners.

Our technical team has participated in the preparation, coordination and development of national and international R+D+I projects (LIFE programme, VII Framework Programme, Horizon 2020, RFCS, etc.) for public and private entities, in the field of:

  • Building materials (development of new materials and process improvement).
  • Waste valorization.
  • Natural resource planning, mining and environmental.
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability.


  • SUSTAINFLOOR: Innovative system of sustainable pavement for urban environments obtained from waste, generator of electric energy.
  • CER4FROST: Optimization of the frost resistance of ceramic products for facades, through research and development of new mixtures and formulations.
  • NEXT-CER: New generation of façade construction systems for sustainable and efficient construction.
  • CECOM4PV: PhotoVoltaic Devices based on CEramic Materials and COmposites.
  • TRAPECIO: Enabling technologies for near-zero buildings in Latin America.
  • R&D ACTIONS for the sustainability of the construction industry of Castilla-la Mancha