The purpose of these consultancy and technical assistance works is to advise the client in relation to the state of structures, in the prevention and studies of pathologies of all types of building constructions and civil works.

Among the services of NOTIO is the realization of studies of pathologies of the construction:

  • Studies of pathologies of materials.
  • Evaluation of the carrying capacity of existing structures.
  • Revision of projects and control of execution of structures and finishes of buildings from the point of view of prevention of pathologies.
  • Previous rehabilitation and restoration studies
  • Study of spots, damp and leaks.
  • Analysis of cracks and cracks. Placement of samples borehole.
  • Technical assistance for defects detected on the basis of execution of works.
  • Pathologies of Concrete.
  • Load Testing of floor structures.
  • Studies of noise pollution.
  • Slippage tests.
  • Sealing tests on windows, roofs and light facades.

These services are carried out “in situ”, with tests of materials in accredited laboratory and in the offices of NOTIO, by technical experts with ample experience in this type of work. Each written report is issued with the results of the studies and analyzes carried out, as well as the recommendations for action.