NOTIO is the management entity of the Clay Technological Center of Castilla-La Mancha (CTAC).

NOTIO a private, non-profit organization whose purpose is the Research, Development, Innovation, Demonstration, Dissemination and Training that develops its activities in the following fields:

  • Building Materials (ceramics, aggregates, natural stone, etc.).
  • Sustainable construction (efficiency energy, circular economy, new materials and processes).
  • Territorial planning and Natural Resources (G.I.S, mining, geophysical surveys, etc.).
  • Environment (hydrological characterizations, soil decontamination, etc.).

NOTIO Association was constituted in January of 2017 and is registered in the National Register of Associations, Section 1 with the national number: 612522.

NOTIO is a member of FEDICAM (Federation of Innovation Entities of Castilla-La Mancha).

Our HUMAN TEAM is our main resource.

Laboratories: The laboratory staff accredits more than 15 years of experience in both the execution of test and management of laboratories (commercial and quality). The laboratory is accredited by ENAC (National Entity of Accreditation) with number of accreditation: Nº: 1287/LE2422 in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard. This mean the international recognition of the capacity and confidence of our test laboratory in the following fields:

  • Clay products.
  • Raw materials.
  • Aggregates.
  • Natural Stone.

Services: The “know-how” of NOTIO’s staff and the direct relationship with customers is a value for the provision of technological services demanded by the market.

Research: The Clay Technological Center (CTAC) we have participated in the preparation, coordination and execution of R + D projects, regional, national and international.

  • The main mission of the Association is the Research, Development, Innovation, Demonstration, Diffusion and Formation of ceramic materials and construction in general. These works can be developed by us or in collaboration with their partners, the Spanish Public Administrations and the European Union. As with other institutions and legal entities public or private and natural persons.
  • Its activities and advice can benefit any entity or company in the sector, preferably those that carry out their activity in Castilla-La Mancha.
  • Intermediation between knowledge generators and enterprises providing innovation and dissemination support services through technology transfer activities.
  • To be a Reference and Strategic Partner Center for Castilla-La Mancha companies in the ceramic sector and construction in general, as well as the different administrations and organizations with competences in these sectors.
  • Maintaining and increasing the region’s innovative capacity in the ceramic and construction sector, which will allow them to be more competitive in an increasingly global market.
  • Perform all of the above in an organization with a pleasant, healthy and safe work environment; A fair treatment, that allows the development of a professional career favoring the compatibility of professional and private life.
  • Develop a sensible project, without oversizing, based on activities that are economically feasible from the beginning, with a continuous growth, that allows to maintain jobs and that the project, due to its high technological value, is strategic for the sectors related with the Association Activity.
  • Responsibility towards excellence in research and innovation, as well as in technological and service development.
  • Commitment to quality.
  • Creativity in the development of new technological concepts.
  • Collaboration and cooperation with others companies.
  • Transparency in management.
  • Conviction of sustainability and efficiency in the use of natural resources.
  • Equity of treatment and opportunities without distinction of gender, race or belief.
  • Vocation for social welfare.


NOTIO Association is constituted by a team of specialized professionals captained by:

José Luis Fernández
Avelino Tirado Alonso
Roberto Díaz Rubio