We consider the formative actions as one of the services with greater transcendence for the social and business fabric of Castilla-La Mancha. The training actions will be characterized by:

  •  Adaptation to the labor market and the needs of related industrial sectors.
  •  Directed to unemployed and workers.
  •  Establishment of collaborative actions with different entities of the sector.
  •  Strengthen the relationship with the University of Castilla-La Mancha, we want to be an active and effective link UNIVERSITY-COMPANY.

NOTIO has a team of professional experts with more than 5000 hours of specialized and regulated training. NOTIO offers its clients a high and varied range of training in different fields of activity:

  • Building.
  • Life cycle analysis.
  • Development of materials and optimization of processes.
  • Waste recovery.
  • Technological prospecting.
  • Geophysics.
  • Territorial management of resources.
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Types of training:

  • Online.
  • Classroom.
  • In-company.
  • BPO: Outsourcing training.