Raw Materials Laboratory

The activities of the Raw Materials Laboratory are focused to the chemical and technological characterization of raw materials (clays, sands, feldspars, ores, etc.) with the objective to satisfy the increasing demand from companies of different sectors (ceramic, building, mining, environment, etc.). It is also used to perform RTD projects. The works carried out at the laboratory are related to:

  • Study of clay quarries.
  • Characterization of samples (clays, ores, etc.).
  • Formulation of ceramic pastes.
  • Studies of ceramic and building processes.
  • Studies of the technological properties of raw materials.
  • Improvement of the ceramic and building product properties by raw material selections.

As unique equipment, the laboratory has a Haake Mars II rheometer, an instrumental technique that allows analyzing the rheological behavior of the raw materials and determining the most optimal plasticity conditions for their work.

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