SUSTAINABILITY. Reaching climate neutrality in 2050 and meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda are great global challenges that imply a profound positive transformation of the world we know, through major social, economic and environmental changes.

NOTIO contributes to responding to these challenges and this necessary positive transformation that entails a new development of the industry, the city and the territory; providing advice and technological support for the decarbonization of the building sector and construction materials that contribute to the creation of efficient, sustainable, comfortable and resilient urban environments.

For this, NOTIO’s Consulting and Services, Testing Laboratories, R + D + i and Specialized Training areas have a set of solutions that they put at the service of their clients:

– Life Cycle Analysis, Carbon Footprint and Environmental Product Declaration (DAP)

These tools allow manufacturers of construction products and specifiers to know, communicate, transfer reliable, exact and verifiable information on the environmental aspects of the products they manufacture, through standardized processes; which facilitates the environmental certification of buildings in seals such as BREEAM, LEED, GREEN, etc. Having this type of specific information from manufacturers will be practically a prerequisite for not being displaced from the market.

The NOTIO team has extensive experience, both nationally and internationally, we have the most used software tools internationally.

– Energy efficiency in buildings

The decarbonisation of the sector requires the massive incorporation of renewables, and intensifying the energy efficiency of buildings and cities instead of a model towards the elimination of the use of fossil fuels.

At NOTIO we work on the development of products and processes for the development of energy solutions to achieve efficient buildings and cities, in aspects such as the Integration of renewables in construction and urban systems or the development of constructive solutions for the adaptation to climate change of buildings. All this aimed at achieving smarter, safer and more economically sustainable buildings for all social groups.

– Advanced materials

We design and develop prototypes and new materials and construction products with optimized properties and functionalities and a lower environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Our work focuses on the field of ceramic products, aggregates, concrete and natural stone, improving the performance of these products in aspects such as durability and resistance, thermal insulation, or the incorporation of new functionalities to increase their applications.

– Decarbonization of the construction materials manufacturing industry

We work on the development of low-carbon energy solutions and roadmaps for the decarbonization of the construction sector industry, for the transformation of the industry and its business model in accordance with the change of the global energy model, seeking the best solutions to each case, individually and personalized.

– Circular economy

We develop and implement solutions for the recovery of waste at the end of the useful life of materials, and its reuse to reduce raw materials and non-renewable resources, promoting the recovery and use of materials and waste.

– Smart management

We analyze and develop solutions for the diagnosis, planning and design of strategies for urban regeneration and transformation, with the use of digital tools and systems (GIS).